End of the Year PACE Message

09 Dec

Good afternoon! I know everyone is winding down for the holidays. Most are entering final exams for the semester with great relief knowing a time of rest is here as well as the opportunity to visit with family and friends.

Today’s message is to ask your participation in a survey, to advise you of the publication of our Fall Connections, and to share some general info. Please take a moment to read this entire message. There is sure to be something of benefit to you and your colleagues. So, feel free to share the information.

First, we are conducting an anonymous survey. It is to determine what needs or wants for professional learning you may have. Please look at the category below and click the link for the appropriate survey to complete. You may need to copy the link below and paste it into your Internet browser window if it does not click. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Again, it is anonymous. Feel free to ask all of your colleagues who may not be in a PACE site to take the survey.




Second, the fall Connections publication is available. Some of you may not be familiar with Connections. It is the CT journal that is released in the fall and spring of the school year. We write and share stories of what is happening around our great state in the CT centers. The fall semester is ready and can be viewed from the RCU home page at the following link. You will see on the right side of the page the cover with a blue button that indicates to click Read Online Here.

Please let us know if you have a great story to share. We are collecting ideas now for the spring publication. We would love to feature you and your students or another class in your center.

Third, some of you may know I am working with engineering instructors at the moment. I came across some awesome looking sites today. They are helpful to engineers but also to many other areas as well.

The link below is to a pdf for Fluid Power. It is an entire lesson including mathematics!

This next link is from the National Science Foundation. You can click it to see many ideas for electronics, power, and more. Be sure to check out the heading and side links.

Teachnology has free lessons on many subjects. Many are tied to Common Core State Standards.   This link is for air pressure, bathtub physics, and more.

Miss L’s blog has many resources for fluids and hydraulics.

While looking for hydraulics information today, I came across this site with lessons plans and information for automotive educators. It looked pretty awesome. It also has info for electrical, electronics, engines, and more.

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, many of you may have students who need some items to investigate. Why not the holidays? Look at these sites.

Work in some chemistry and math by making Snow Slime. Here is the link to the recipe.

Do you have students with some extra energy to expend? Well, try a snow ball toss. This next site has lots of extra stuff on it. Scroll down the page to the directions for a snow ball toss using marshmallows.

Learn some trivia about the history of Christmas and the US White House. Visit this site.

Ok. One more regarding Christmas – check out this link. It is how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Learn how different countries observe Christmas.

To find more neat ideas to use in the classroom, and not just Christmas, visit my Pinterest boards’ page. Here is the link.

Final call for the year! If you are needing online courses that are offered at the RCU for certification and you need them before school ends in May, you should register immediately. Click the link below to visit the professional learning page and the calendar of upcoming sessions. Many are filling quickly and have very few seats left in them.

As a gentle reminder, please contact the RCU Help Desk if you have questions regarding Canvas, MyPLC, course creation and student enrollment, or other RCU related areas. All requests are to go through the Help Desk. You may contact the Help Desk at or call 662-325-2510.

Lastly, from all of us at the RCU to all of you, thank you for what you do to help our students and to aid them in becoming the wonderful leaders of tomorrow that our great state needs. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, get some rest, and enjoy your time off. Oh, and may our teams shine brightly and represent our state well on New Year’s in the bowl games.


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