PACE for Middle School Teachers Only

18 Nov

Good afternoon, Middle School Teachers,

The Help Desk has received several messages from teachers regarding the master course cartridges.  People are asking for help because they cannot “access” material.  The discussion boards are the key pieces they cannot “access.”

This is because you are NOT enrolled in the course.  It is strictly for you to view the posted material (assignments, tests, layout).  Announcements and discussions are not viewable because that requires enrollment into a course.

You MUST follow the directions as stated on the Home page and download the IMSCC file to your computer.  Then, you import that file into your personal course.  You do not have to import everything though.  You can choose specific content.  Follow the directions in the Help Guides for this.

If you are trying to copy/paste the information into your courses, you are really wasting your time and taking the long approach to including the items into your courses.  This is why I created the course and posted the IMSCC file.  It keeps you from needing to do the copy/paste method, saves you time, and ensures the information loads correctly into your course.

I hope this explains some of the questions a few have had.  Should you still have a question, contact the Help Desk directly.  The email is

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