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March 31, 2012

Cover of "The Lorax (Classic Seuss)"

Cover of The Lorax (Classic Seuss)

I wished to pass along a cute site that had lots of free lesson plans and other information that was provided by HP.  The link below shows several lessons from the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  These seem timely with the recent movie release.  Many grade levels and topics are touched by these lessons.  Hopefully, you will find these useful.  If not, pass them along to others with whom you work.

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March 15, 2012

Image representing SurveyMonkey as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

The National Education Startup Challenge is underway.  This is a great opportunity to help our students learn some business, leadership, and technology skills.  It would be awesome to have some of our wonderful students recognized!  Check out the provided link for more information regarding the challenge.

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Weekly Update

Image representing lino as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I came across in a webinar yesterday a neat tool called “Lino It” that teachers could use in the classroom.  These are free online stickies for note taking!  You might wish to try them for brainstorming activities or giving a shout-out to students for well wishes on their birthdays.  Those are just two quick ideas that came to my mind immediately.

The address for this cool tool is  Notice there are different colored papers as well.  This way if you would like to group students for brainstorming, you can.  Also, you as the teacher could use another color from the group(s) for remarks or supplementing the group’s ideas.

On another note, for those needing professional development before the school year ends to earn CEUs or SEMIs for license renewal, we have a few upcoming online classes.

  1. Digital Cameras in the Classroom starts March 7, 2012.
  2. Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint begins March 19, 2012.  You really should have taken Basic PowerPoint before enrolling in this class.  Participants use PowerPoint 2007.
  3. Basic Blackboard begins March 28, 2012.  This is the pre-requisite course for Advanced Blackboard and COOL.

Our COOL Essentials classes are full for the spring.  The next sessions available start in May.  Here is the link for our online course calendar.  The summer class offerings are visible now for online professional development.

To end on a humorous note, check out this link. It lists the 11 signs that “You’ve Been a School Teacher for TOO Long.”  I believe we all can relate to a few of them.

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