Engineering Master Course Is Ready

15 Dec

Good afternoon, Engineering Teachers,

I wished to send you a quick message telling you the “master course” for engineering is developed. You may view the course at The Home page will provide directions for how to download the course cartridge file and to import it into a course you are teaching. You MUST download the file. Do NOT copy/paste individual pages, assignments, and so forth. You are wasting your time.

The Modules button will allow you the opportunity to view the content in each module or unit. The content is broken into objectives for each unit. Assignments that pertain to an objective is directly below the information for the objective. You cannot view discussion boards and so forth because you are not enrolled in this course. This is why you MUST download the file using the directions on the Home page.

As you go through the year and come across great information to include, please let me know. I will be happy to add it for you and everyone else to use. This should be a “living” course and changing as needs demand. Also, do not think you must teach using this material or you cannot change the material. You can do changes when you import the material to your course.

I wish to give an awesome shout out and thank you to Amanda Wood. She was wonderful in sharing her course and its information. Clint Brawley provided some websites that most of us had never heard. These two were great in helping get this project off the ground. I hope you will join me in giving them a “high five.”

Have a great evening!

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