Let me introduce myself to you.  I am the Project Manager for many areas in our division.  I work with professional development, assessment, curriculum, the learning management system for the entire state, and our state’s online high school.  Before accepting this awesome opportunity 6 years ago now, I taught for over 11 years in K12 primarily in career and technical education.  I taught 3 ½ years at the community college level in Business Office Technology.

Before becoming an educator and working on my advanced degrees, I worked in industry in human resources with hospitals and doctors’ offices, the DOT, and Farmer’s Home Administration.

I have earned my doctorate in instructional technology.  The focus of my dissertation was online professional development for educators and why the courses taken by educators were completed (or not).  My professional work has continued with investigation of online learning best practices, developing curriculum, blended learning, and more.  I also have advanced degrees in other areas like business and hold multiple certifications like National Boards and W!SE.

Feel free to drop a comment to me with suggestions or questions.  You also may follow me on Twitter @mtonlinepd.


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