Back to School PACE Message

02 Aug

Good afternoon,

Another summer break has come and gone. It is hard to believe August is here, and we have teachers and students returning to classrooms. Summer is just getting shorter and shorter every year.

Back to School

With the return to school, we are all in need of ideas for teaching procedures and expectations. Look at some of these beginning of the year tips, tricks, and thoughts. I hope at least one of them will help you have a great start to the school year.

Why not greet students at the door with a nice happy? For those attending MS ACTE and heard the wonderful Marcia Tate explain the importance of greeting students, try this idea with the welcome and hello. Create an M&M Welcome Back message using this free printable.

“There Are Rules?” is a free game to help you reinforce rules and directions for your classroom. You can aid students with understanding the importance of teamwork. Use the web address below to download the 5-page PDF. This is easily implemented in all subject areas.

Students may not know one another – especially in large schools. You can have the students play Student Search Bingo. The link below will provide you a PDF you can download to have students use to play Student Search Bingo as an ice breaker.

We are aware students struggle with peer pressure. This next activity can help you teach students ways to cope with peer pressure. Students have an opportunity to look at peer pressure and discuss its effects. Some of the statistics on the answer key might surprise you.

This last idea might cause a few people to do a double take. Look at the Inside My Head activity. Yes, it can be a little scary thinking of allowing someone peer inside your thoughts – much less look inside your students’ thoughts. However, let’s give it a try in an attempt to better understand your students so you can help them be successful in your classroom.

The new episode of MS Ed Talk is live, and you can listen here (or on your favorite podcast app):

This episode is a close look at Corinth and how it is using a modified school calendar to be more like a year-round model. Anne and Gabrielle, communications people here at the RCU, interviewed three people from the district to get their thoughts after the first year. Listen and share, please!

Don’t forget where to locate your curriculum. It can be found on the RCU website on the curriculum download page. Some curricula updated and went into effect this school year. Here is the link.

Several have asked about upcoming online professional development courses. Our online learning modules schedule can be found at You can view an entire listing of upcoming professional learning opportunities by visiting the GoSignMeUp page and browsing the courses. Here is the link.

To use Canvas, you will need to login. The link for Canvas is Your username (if you are in the system) will be your teacher license number.

Don’t forget to send requests for help to the Help Desk. Do NOT email individual people. Please send an email to the Help Desk at We track the messages, and this helps us to ensure multiple people are not working on the same issue.

Have a great start to your school year. I will send another message next month. However, specific messages for certain groups may come sooner.

Disclaimer – be advised the links above were working fine at the time of this writing and were appropriate. If you click on a link on a website to leave the one given and go to an inappropriate site, I cannot be held responsible for this. Also, recall the Internet is ever changing; and things can be revised since this posting without my being aware of it.


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