PACE Message – State Testing Is Here!

31 Mar

Good morning,

I trust everyone is having a great semester, enjoyed or are enjoying spring break soon, and prepared to begin state testing next week. Next week?! It doesn’t seem possible. The school year is coming to an end quickly, and summer break will be upon us before we know it.

We better know our students and their abilities…

Speaking of state testing next week, don’t forget this happens in “waves” as we call it here at the RCU with different sections of the state testing every week in April. I know you have worked hard to prepare your students. However, I recall vividly from my time in the classroom how helpful it was to have resources to use in preparing students prior to the BIG DAY. After testing finished with my students but other areas were still completing exams and I needed ideas to keep students engaged, I would welcome all resources possible. So, I hope these links will be of value to you.

RCU Website with MS-CPAS2, Performance Based Assessment, and National Certification Resources

Play as a Test Prep Tool

The play with question stems idea was one I had not considered previously. However, I can see the value in it. Obviously, most all of us have heard of using a quiz show format. Making learning fun and game like can be a great instructional strategy. See what other ideas you might find.

My Students Are Below Grade Level…Now What?

I chuckled at times when I read this article. It related moments I could identify from personal experience all too well. Just know that you are making a difference in the lives of the students.

Finding the Right Intervention for Your Struggling Learners

Once you receive the test scores, look to find common trends of high scores and low scores. This analysis can enable you to better instruct students in future. You will recognize areas of instruction that need improvement. However, you will notice areas of great results. This should empower you to feel more confident of things incorporated into the instructional process which worked really well. See if there are “tricks” you used with students to better understand content and transfer those “tricks” to weaker areas.

The next few links contain ideas to use in the classroom. One incorporates toothpicks to teach concepts like forensics to basic math skills, a skill found in all areas of instruction. The second link has ideas for building teamwork to “letting off steam.” The third link has wonderful ideas for culinary to business to electrical to agriculture and more. Each of these links has ideas you could easily adapt to fit all areas of instruction.

Be advised links frequently change. When I checked the links provided, they were appropriate; and there did not seem to be anything inappropriate. However, if you click away from the page using an outsider link, I cannot guarantee the appropriateness of content. So, user beware!

Professional learning courses are available. For those needing methods courses, those sessions are available and can be found on the RCU GoSignMeUp page. Here is the link. I would encourage you to register as soon as possible for the course needed – especially if you need one for endorsement or licensing to teach next school year.

As a gentle reminder, please do not use what I refer to as the “shot gun” approach in requesting help with Canvas or other areas with which we assist here at the RCU. You are asked to send information through the Help Desk. The email address for the Help Desk is We track requests for assistance and provide faster service using Help Desk. Someone is always watching the Help Desk emails through the week and can get the assistance you need to you more quickly than if you were to message someone in Canvas or email people personally at the RCU.

Oh, be reminded of the dates for the upcoming MSACTE Summer Conference. It is scheduled for July 26-28 at the Jackson Convention Center. You must pre-register by July 13. The early bird discount is only available through July 5. On July 6 the price will increase by $125 per registrant. Plan ahead now and register in GoSignMeUp using the link above.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the video below for a little encouragement to reaching the finish line and knowing you are doing great things. It is too cute.


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