Thankful for Our Teachers PACE Message

17 Nov

Good morning, Everyone,

I believe we can say the holidays are here now. Thanksgiving is next week, and I have no idea how the time has flown past so quickly this year. It seems like we were just beginning the year!

WKRP in Cincinnati – “Turkey’s Away” Clip on YouTube

Since it is Thanksgiving and a time for giving thanks and expressing appreciation, all of us at the RCU want to take a moment to tell you how much we enjoy the opportunity to work with all of you every day. You are a special group of educators that we are proud to call colleagues and friends. We truly do enjoy the privilege we have of sharing news, information, instructional ideas, and so much more on a daily basis. Let me assure you that this is not something we take for granted but is a treasure and an honor.

This month has gone quickly for me. I could not let it get by me without taking a moment to share with you holidays for the month of November. Yes, we all know that it is the month of Thanksgiving. However, did you know this is the month we celebrate these other days as well?

November 3 Sandwich Day (I think I ate one that day!)

November 7 Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 11 Veterans Day

November 16 Day of Repentance (yesterday)

November 17 Homemade Bread Day (uhm, no – I won’t be baking bread but will eat it if an opportunity arises to get some)

November 19 Have a Bad Day Day (glory, I hope that is definitely not the case for anyone reading this – all I can think of is that song from Daniel Powter in 2005 that my daughters were crazy over hearing)

November 21 World Hello Day (tell everyone hello that you meet)

November 24 Thanksgiving (enjoy time of fellowship with family and friends and reflect on your many blessings in your life)

November 29 National Day of Listening (hmmm, what will be hearing this day I wonder)

November 30 Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day (oh, boy, I can see teachers and students enjoying this day for sure – I mean, we have to get ready for Christmas – Right?)

Now that we have had a little humor, let’s get down to some business and some ideas for our classrooms. Let’s start with entrepreneurship. Every single career pathway can use ideas with this topic for helping students.

It’s Business As Usual –

Look at this site for helping students learn about their entrepreneurial quotient or EQ, create elevator pitches, and play an online entrepreneurship game. It is really good.

On a humorous note, you can use this next site to help students learn more about their career personality types. It has a flowchart for the six personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.

With the holidays upon us, this means the semester is ending. Students are getting restless. Everyone has extra demands for their time and attention. This leads to a good deal of stress. Check out this site for handling stress. It has some good information telling how important and famous business people (entrepreneurs) are handling stress and stressful situations. You can share this with students and give them ideas for correctly coping with stress.

We are all aware that instruction should be centered on the learner. This site displays a nice graphic with different categories of learner centered instructional strategies. Check it out. See how many you can use or will try in the New Year with your students. Please share with me your stories from this (good and bad)!

To end the ideas on a fun note, check out the Teacher Memes website. There are some that just made me laugh aloud. I have been there so many times like you have.

Some have requested information on the course offerings for the spring. All courses will be posted on the RCU website on the GoSignMeUp page. Here is the link.

More courses will be added over the coming weeks. So, please keep an eye on the page. It does change fairly often.

If you have questions regarding Canvas, assessment, curriculum, or more, please send your requests for assistance to the Help Desk. The email address is Emails will be sent to the appropriate person here at the RCU for handling in a timely manner.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work with the students in our state! You are making such a positive impact on so many lives. We really do appreciate all of your hard work and efforts. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and get some needed rest.

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