It’s Fall Y’all

05 Oct

Happy Fall, Y’all,

Some cooler temperatures have finally arrived. I don’t know about you, but I know it feels better to me. This means there are some school breaks coming very soon.

Keeping in theme with our holidays for this year, here are some “events” and holidays for the month of October. As most everyone is aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. It is also Apple Jack, Cookie, Pizza, Vegetarian, and Seafood month. I see a theme here. Did you know October is sarcastic month? Maybe this explains some of those comments the students may be providing you. Hmmm…

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day and Do Something Nice Day
October 6 – Physical Assistant Day
October 9 – Curious Events Day and Fire Prevention Day
October 10 – Columbus Day
October 12 – Emergency Nurses Day
October 14 – National Dessert Day
October 16 – Bosses Day
October 21 – Babbling Day (watch out for the students on this day!)
October 24 – National Bologna Day
October 25 – Punk for a Day Day
October 28 – Frankenstein Friday
October 29 – National Frankenstein Day
October 30 – Mischief Night and National Candy Corn Day
October 31 – Halloween

Well, that is a good bit of trivial information. It also explains why the students may be acting the way they are. They simply cannot help it possibly. Whoever heard of Frankenstein Day or Mischief Night?
Now for some information that will be helpful in the classroom…

Those teaching in a health science field will find this video on the digestive system useful.

Are you teaching leadership skills? Look at this information for managing versus leadership.

Trying to help your students understand teamwork and its importance…look at this information for why teams may not be working for your students.

Now this looked like an interesting activity for Halloween, health science students, STEM students, and more. Build a “bone bridge.”

Are you interested in DNA and genetics? Look at this! This site has additional health and STEM activities.

Let’s consider the importance of agriculture. This lesson will aid you with helping students understand the need for agriculture and ag related opportunities.

The curriculum page has been updated. Some additional resources have been added. Visit the curriculum page to look at the added information.

To find upcoming course offerings, you may visit the GoSignMeUp page on the RCU website. All open courses are displayed. Click the appropriate buttons to login or create a new account for login to register. Remember it takes 5 people for a course to make.

As always, we are happy to help you here at the RCU. If you have questions, please direct them to the Help Desk. The email address for the Help Desk is

I hope you have a great month.


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