PACE Message for September with Great Career Resources

08 Sep

Hello, Everyone,

Today’s PACE message is sent to relate about September holidays, provide some helpful tips, and give updates of happenings for Canvas and professional learning. Let’s begin.


Well, September is an unusual month. The bulk of the month is devoted to food and music holidays. September 1 was National Cherry Popover Day. September 2 was International Bacon Day. Obviously, we ALL enjoyed September 5 for Labor Day. September 9 is Teddy Bear Day (today). September 11 is Grandparent’s Day. September 12 is Chocolate Milk Shake Day. Yum! September 13 is National Peanut Day and Uncle Sam Day. September 16 is Mayflower Day, National Play Doh Day, and Collect Rocks Day. September 17 is Citizenship Day and Constitution Day. September 25 is National Comic Book Day and the 26th is Johnny Appleseed Day. One of my favorites of the MANY for September is the 28th – Ask a Stupid Question Day. I may go and hide on that Wednesday. Hee hee!

Agriculture and Culinary Instructors

Fresh from the World…Where Your Food Comes From is a website with a wealth of information just like it sounds. It helps explain where food comes from. Some parts of the site may be very elementary for your students. Other parts though are more high level. There is a Fun Place that has games. You will also find a Teacher’s Guide that even includes Assessments! One part of the site has an area that interconnects with Transportation and Logistics for getting food to distribution centers and locations.

Business Instructors

Are you teaching Fiscal Responsibility? If so, the EconEdLink just posted a page that has lessons with teacher resources on a wide variety of topics. Go to the website to see lessons for Social Security and the National Debt, Medicare and the National Debt, Taxation and the National Debt, The Federal Reserve System: Overview Lesson, and more. You will find this a great resource.

STEM, Engineering, IT, and Other Technology Instructors

This site is really neat. Check out Vernier Software and Technology. They have a free app to help students learn about thermal energy. Students can measure and track temperature changes and more. This is really interesting site as well that offers multiple platforms for material. I located a free 8-page PDF called Student Engineering Notebook you can download with activities in it.

Every Area of Instruction

The Smithsonian has introduced the Smithsonian Learning Lab. This is a free online toolkit to find and share digital resources. As the website says, “the Smithsonian Learning Lab is about discovery, creation, and sharing.” There are two videos on the bottom of the introduction page to help explain how you can use the site. The site has assessments and more on it.

Career Development (All Instructors)

Worst Job Interview Ever

The Savvy Intern by YouTern has a helpful website. The Infographic at this link has 200+ Powerful Action Verbs Perfect for Your Resume. Categories of job types are given with verbs that correlate to these jobs. This was great.

200+ Powerful Action Verbs Perfect for Your Resume [Infographic]

Going on an interview? Be prepared to ask questions of your interviewer. This site provides 10 Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer.

This last site I will share today has several charts on it. There are 19 charts with information for getting an interview to a chart with mistakes made during job interviews. Again, another awesome resource for helping your students get better prepared for finding a career.

Please be advised that with the ever changing nature of the Internet, some sites may be modified from the time I look at them (usually just before I send this information) until you see it and visit the sites. Some sites may have links on them to other pages that contain inappropriate material. I cannot guarantee safety of all pages. Please be mindful of this possibility.

Let me bring everyone up-to-date on some changes with online courses. In an effort to streamline and simplify some of our online courses, there have been a few name changes relating to courses for endorsement or licensure. Counselors and student service coordinators will take the same COOL course. It is named 2 COOL 4 Counselors and Student Service Coordinators.

The 2 COOL 4 Pathways course is for any teacher, including Academic Business, needing COOL certification and the technology literacy module. (If your endorsement requires IC3 Certification, please see below.)

Technology educators will complete 2 COOL 4 Technology. The educators taking this course are required to pass the IC3 exams. The technology literacy module is NOT in this course because of the IC3 exam requirement.

Administrators still complete 2 COOL 4 Administrators. The technology literacy module is included in this course as it is in the 2 COOL 4 Pathways and 2 COOL 4 Counselors and Student Service Coordinators courses.

Canvas Fundamentals is the name of the course for those wishing to learn more about using Canvas. It is also the course required for completion by FCS instructors. This course replaces LMS Basics and LMS 4 FCS.

Some courses will be offered during specific times of the year. The 2 COOL 4 Technology, 2 COOL 4 Pathways, and 2 COOL 4 Counselors and Student Service Coordinators, Canvas Fundamentals, and the Technology Literacy Module will be offered fall, spring, and summer. However, 2 COOL 4 Administrators will only be offered in the fall and summer.

The Methods of CTE Counselor course and the Methods for Career Pathway Experience (CPE) will follow the same schedule as the other methods courses and be offered only in the fall and summer.

All courses must have at least 5 participants registered for a course to make. If the course does not make for the semester offered, participants will be notified. They will have their enrollments moved to the next semester offering of the course or provided a refund.

To find upcoming course offerings, you may visit the GoSignMeUp page on the RCU website. All open courses are displayed. Click the appropriate buttons to login or create a new account for login to register.

Canvas has updated recently. Some new changes came that came with the latest update include adding a picture to course settings for the dashboard course image, calendar event edits, and a modules index page style update. The picture for the course dashboard image will allow you to post a picture that reflects the nature of your course. So, if you teach a course on history or economics, you could upload a picture of the Capitol. The calendar event edits is just like it reads. You can edit a calendar event now. Lastly, the entire look of the modules page has changed. Look in your Canvas course at the Modules page to see this. It is very obvious. I am copying the help notes for these items for you below.

As always, we are happy to help you here at the RCU. If you have questions, please direct them to the Help Desk. The email address for the Help Desk is

Have a great weekend.


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