PACE Message August 23, 2016

23 Aug

Good afternoon,

I trust you are off to a great start with the school year. It is very busy trying to get everyone trained on procedures and expectations. However, once this is done, I hope some of the ideas I will share momentarily will be of help.

To pick up with my theme from the beginning of the year, let’s look at some holidays for August.

Did you know that August is “Admit You’re Happy Month”? That may be a little hard for some educators since school is starting. However, we are a blessed people. Let’s be happy.

August is also catfish, peach, and water quality month. There seems to be an agricultural theme happening. Since that is one of our largest businesses in this state, let’s celebrate it.

We still have a few days left in August. Many unusual “holidays” have already passed at this point. Some included National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2, National Watermelon Day on August 3, Presidential Joke Day on August 11, and National Spumoni Day on August 21. My first reaction was “What is Spumoni?”. I had to Google it. Spumoni is Italian ice cream. Yum!

For the remainder of the month, we have Ride the Wind Day for August 23. Be carefree today since summer will be over before we know. Relax a little and wish for a cool breeze to help get you ready for fall. Watch this day with your students. It is August 25 and called Kiss and Make Up Day. Hmmm! August 30 is important for two reasons – Frankenstein Day and Toasted Marshmallow Day.

Now to serious, helpful information for a few program areas that I recently found and believed could aid you with instruction:

Construction and Carpentry –

Online Website with LOTS of information for joints, saws, sanding, and more…site has curriculum links on the left side of the window for more information. Great pictures are included!

This site is a basic carpentry skills guide. Information is given for Tools for Carpentry, wood working plans, and more.

Scroll down the page on this site. Several “weird” items on it. What I looked about this one though is it has many different types of saws. You might could print it and post for students to see. Don’t look at this site at school in case you get in trouble. Notice the word bomb in the website name.

Engineering and STEM –

I found several sites with formulas and more on them. In fact, I can see some classes tCaaking some of the fun “building” activities to engage your students. I would love to lurk in your classrooms if you try them!

Physics Formula Sheet –

Calculus and More Formula Sheets – (These are downloadable PDF files.)

Motorized Coloring Machine Kids Can Make –

Homemade Propeller Car –

Pen Propeller That Never Stops –

Welders –

This is a guide to careers in welding. You could use some of this for recruiting for your programs.

These might be cute projects for your students to try. Like with the engineers and STEM groups, I would love to be a fly on the wall when these are made.

Man Stuff –

Star Wars – (If you make this, I want one!)

Plumbing –

10 Beginning Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know –

History of Plumbing –

Plumbing Basics –

Business –

25 Things You Can Do to Market Your Business –

Social Media Marketing: Build Your Business on Google+ [Infographic] –

Financial Literacy – Lessons, Worksheets, and Activities –

I will stop with ideas at this point and share some more next month. Please share with your colleagues. I know many of them will like some of these ideas, and you can even use them cross-curricularly. Is that even a word? Ha!

If you need a Canvas course, please complete the Google Form. Here is the link:

If you need enrolled in a PACE site, please complete the request at this link.

If you are needing any certification courses or other professional learning, you may find this information on the RCU website at

As always, we at the RCU are happy to help you. Please let us know how we may assist you or your students by contacting the Help Desk. The email address for the Help Desk is

Have a great day!

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