Master Courses Transition to Commons in Canvas

28 Sep

Canvas introduced an awesome new feature several weeks ago called Commons. We are going to use this feature to make the content available for the master course cartridges. Please use the links to the Commons Guide below to learn more about what Commons is, how to use Commons to access the master course material, and how to bring the material into your course(s) that you are the teacher.

What Is Commons

How Do I Use Commons

How Do I Find a Resource in Commons

How Do I Preview Courses and Modules in Commons?

How Do I Preview Files in Commons?

How Do I Import a Resource from Commons into Canvas?

How Do I View a Resource Imported from Commons in Canvas?

What Types of Document and Media Files Can Be Shared to Commons?

Now as you become more familiar with using the Commons feature, you may find you wish to share your own material with your colleagues. You can do this as well using Commons. Below are additional resources for using Commons to share your information with your fellow educators.

How Do I Share a Course to Commons?

How Do I Share a Module to Commons?

How Do I View Resources I Have Shared to Commons?

How Do I Update a Resource I Previously Shared to Commons?

How Do I Remove a Resource from Commons?

How Do I Edit Resource Details in Commons?

If you wish to learn even more about Commons, here is the link to the entire list of instructions for using Commons in Canvas.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Help Desk at

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