Happy Halloween! October 31, 2014

31 Oct

Good morning, TGIF, and Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a great month and are now setting your sights on the holidays.  They will be here before we know it.  We have three full work weeks, and Thanksgiving will be here.  Yikes!  As usual the time has gotten away from me.

Today’s message is to advise everyone that the spring courses are posted.  If you are needing an endorsement or certification course, please register for these as soon as possible.  They will fill quickly. Here is the link.

Several people have messaged me in Canvas for help and information.  Please remember that all help requests should go through the Help Desk at  You may call as well at 662-325-2510.

For those who are new COOL graduates and need information on how to request your new courses and have students enrolled in them, please look at the Getting Started in Canvas course.  It is open to everyone, but new graduates will need to especially look at this site.  Go to this site and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There is a blue link that reads Request Course Shell and Student Enrollment Information.  Click the link for the details.  Other great Canvas tips and help can be found in this course as well.

Were you aware October is National Cybersecurity Month?  The NetSmartz website has many great resources on it.  There are games, videos, and guides you can use with your students.  The following link will take you to a game called Password Plunder.  It will help them learn more about passwords obviously.

I received an email that John Stossel has his 2015 edition of Stossel in the Classroom available.  You can get your free DVD by going to this link.  The DVD has 49 minutes of videos on 8 topics.
•    Overregulation:  When Are There Enough Rules?
•    Moving Companies: Who Chooses Who Moves Our Stuff?
•    Protecting Endangered Species: A Good Idea Gone Wild?
•    Tough To Get a Lyft: Regulating Your Ride?
•    War on Women: Fact or Fable?
•    Internship Regulation: Are Unpaid Interns Exploited?
•    Reputation or Regulation: Which Provides Better Consumer Protection?
•    Electronic Surveillance: What’s Happening To Our Privacy?

Looking for some great new sites to investigate and incorporate into your classroom.  Check these out!

ChatterPix – it allows you to take a photo and make it appear to talk.  It is a free app.

Manufacturing Stories has many ideas for manufacturing and STEM.  They have a listing for the first ever White House 3D printed ornament challenge.  Looks interesting!

Wish to create some fun and free avatars?  Check out Shake Up Learning.

Do your students need help with evaluating websites?  Look at this feature from TeachBytes.

And since it is Halloween, I thought you might like information for incorporating some Halloween Science Experiments like spooky lava lamps and fake blood.

Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest link.  There are 198 boards with all sorts of topics to help educators. Here is the link again for those who have been asking.

Have a great day and weekend!


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