Master Courses for Middle School, EC, and TA

30 Sep

Good afternoon,

This message is going to 4 different groups of people – PACE for Administrators, PACE for Education and Training, PACE for Human Services, and PACE for Middle School educators.  Please feel free to share this information with others in your area who know of educators not currently enrolled in the PACE sites mentioned.

As many of you are aware, work has been done to build some “master course” cartridges in Canvas for different curricula.  These courses have been built for many reason.  Some reasons include helping teachers better understand how to incorporate Canvas into classroom instruction, aiding first year educators with teaching the curriculum while learning how to be teachers with a little less pressure, and building confidence that instructional practice is meeting curriculum standards and expectations.

With this said, master courses are ready for the following areas:  Early Childhood, Teacher Academy, ICT I, and Technology Foundations.  ICT II is more than half finished.  Each of these named areas have a link visible in a module in its respective PACE site.  Look for a module under the Modules button on the left hand side of the PACE site called Master Course Cartridges.  Under that module name should be page with the name of the subject area – Early Childhood, Teacher Academy, ICT I, ICT II, or Technology Foundations.  Click on the page name for the curriculum you teach.

Once you click on the curriculum page you teach, read the information.  You will notice immediately a link in the first sentence that you can click that will take you to the master course cartridge.  BEFORE you click that link, please read the entire page of information.  You will read information about the need to view the modules to see what is presented and how to import the download file.

After you click the link to view the master course, you will arrive at the Home Page for the master course.  You will see the information for importing the Canvas package.  The download file is the last thing on that page.  The only other thing you can view in this course is the Modules button.  The entire course (except ICT II) is visible.  Information is broken by units with competencies.  Various assignments and assessments are provided.  Pages of information with suggestions for presenting information are displayed.

Keep in mind that these cartridges must be downloaded from the master course.  You do NOT wish to copy/paste.  If you download the file and import into your course, it will only take 5 minutes or so at most of your time.  Copy/paste, well, that is going to take DAYS of time.

You have the ability to view all information from the master course.  Once you download and import into a Canvas course that you currently teach, you can tweak, modify, add, delete, or whatever you wish to the content.  You have academic freedom.  Remember this is MDE content.  So, if you use it outside of your classroom, please be sure to give credit to MDE.

ICT II instructors, your courses are not completed at this time.  ICT II, unit 6 will be visible next week sometime.  Units 7-9 will be a few more weeks.  However, if you and any STEM teachers wish to help with building your units, please feel free to contact me.  I welcome the assistance.

I truly hope this information is of help to you and your colleagues.  Please let us know if you have questions by contacting the Help Desk at  You may also call 662-325-2510.

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