Start of School – August 20, 2014

20 Aug

Good morning! Welcome back to school! I know you are off to a busy year with teaching routines, class expectations, and first units on safety and such. Therefore, I will keep this message “short.” I wish everyone a wonderful school year with LOTS of learning and high achieving students.


If you know of someone in your school district who is not receiving the PACE messages and should be, please have them contact their MDE supervisor and say, “Hey, I am not getting information from the PACE site. Please have me added.” The MDE supervisor will be happy to let us at the RCU know to add them. If the person or you do not know who the MDE supervisor is, call the RCU at 662-325-2510. Someone here can be of help with getting this information. We want everyone to be abreast of the latest news in CTE.

Just a quick note – all of the COOL and LMS courses will be starting in less than two weeks for this semester. There are only a few seats left in Pathways and Technology. Please register ASAP if you need one of these sessions. The next 2 COOL courses will be offered in the spring.

If you are a Career Pathway instructor, this session is scheduled to start the first of September as well. Please register ASAP for it if you need it. The next session for CPE will be in the spring. Five people must be registered for the fall session for it to make.

With the start of school, new educators in our midst may need some ideas or help with classroom management. Take a look at some of the sites below. Yes, some are elementary or middle “schoolish” age. However, many of our PACE site educators teach the lower age range of secondary. Many of these ideas can be easily adapted for older students and teachers as well. 🙂

Activities to Teach Children Impulse Control

Defusing Power Struggles: It’s Not about Getting the Last Word

How to Stop Calling Out and Class Clown Behaviors

Keep Your Cool: Tips for Handling Difficult Students

Look at This site is for student behavior management. It tracks attendance. Parents can even login as well.

Finally, if you have never looked into Cowboy Ethics, let me encourage you to do so. Take the ideas of the “code of the West” into your classroom. Help students understand their word is binding and other great inspirational items from the Cowboy Ethics program. Here is a link to help you get started with your investigation.

Look at the videos below on Cowboy Ethics. (This is TEDX and ten minutes long.)

Remember – contact the Help Desk if you have Canvas questions or issues. You can email or call 662-325-2510. This is your fastest and best source of information.

Have a great day!


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