Request New Canvas Course and More

04 Aug

Good morning!

On behalf of the MDE and RCU, I would like to take a moment and share how much all of us enjoyed meeting and visiting with everyone who attended MS ACTE last week. We trust you learned lots of great information you will take with you into your classes this school year. Please know that all of us are here to assist you, however we can, to ensure student success.

Several people have messaged and/or emailed requesting information on when and how to obtain new courses and enrolling students into those courses. You may begin making requests now. Send the requests to via email attachment. Use the Getting Started with Canvas course to learn more about this process. In fact there is a wealth of helpful information available on a wide variety of topics for successfully using Canvas.

After you use the link above to access the Getting Started with Canvas course, scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the section Where Do I Begin?, you will click the Request Course Shell and Student Enrollment Information link. This link will provide you with the directions for requesting your course and enrolling your students. The template for the requests is located on page 2 of the file. Once you finish completing the file, send the file to

In the spring you were advised to download your gradebook and export your course you used last school year in Canvas. Keep the saved file for your gradebook still for historical, documentation purposes. You will NOT use it in the new course though. However, the IMSCC file you have from exporting your course can be used to upload your materials from last year into your new course when it is created. Here is the link for directions on how to import your content.

Registration is underway for fall professional learning. If you need to take 2 COOL or some other course, please see our website of upcoming courses. Many of them are filling quickly – especially 2 COOL.

Those needing to take 2 COOL, please be aware that time is not included in showing how to use Canvas. You are expected to use the Canvas Help Guides for locating information. If you believe it would be of help to you to learn how to use Canvas first, please enroll in the LMS Basics course. The LMS Basics course assists you with knowing how to function in Canvas and create instructional content.

As I said, the certification courses are filling quickly. We have two sections for 2 COOL 4 Pathways and 2 COOL 4 Technology. Once these are filled, the next 2 COOL 4 Pathways and Technology courses will be available in the spring. Section 1 of LMS 4 FCS is nearly full as well.

If you have questions regarding Canvas or enrolling into professional learning courses in MyPLC, please email You may also call 662-325-2510. We will be glad to help you.

Have a great day!

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