Awesome Educator Resources – June 11, 2014

11 Jun

Good morning!

I trust everyone is having a wonderful summer break. Many have been out for a couple of weeks now.  Others are just starting their breaks.  In any event I hope you enjoy the break and are able to get some rest.

This message today is to share some “fun” information as well as to remind everyone that MS ACTE is around the corner.  The end of July will see all of us at MS ACTE for the sharing of great ideas and updates for various programs.  If you have not registered yet for this wonderful event, please do so immediately.  You will save money on your registration if you register early.  Don’t forget that you earn CEUs or SEMIs for attendance.  Here is the link with the most current information.

Next week Craig and I will be attending and presenting at InstructureCon, the national conference for Canvas.  Not only will we be relating the exciting things that many of you are doing with Canvas, we also hope to pick up some handy tips and tricks to bring back with us to share with all of you.  If there are wonderful things you are doing with Canvas that we do not know and you believe would be exciting for others to hear, please feel free to message me in Canvas as soon as possible.  We want everyone to know what awesome teachers we have in Mississippi and the great things you are doing to help make our students successful!

For some fun information for different CT areas –  I have been busy scouring the web for new things to share with you in hopes that you will try with your students beginning this fall.  Let me know of items that you have found as well so that I can share with everyone in upcoming messages.  It helps me if you tell me if the information I am relating is helpful to you as well.

Here goes –

Welders – I came across several things over the last couple of days.  Many were videos, and others led into information for forging and foundry.

This site is a history of welding.
How to Use a Chinest Pipe Bender, Step-by-Step –

Carpentry educators – not sure if you can do anything like this or not, but I came across a few bird houses and swings that your students might could make and possibly sell for a fund raiser maybe.  I was thinking along the lines of the way the flowers are sold in the spring as part of the curriculum.  If this is not permissible for some reason, someone please nicely tell me.  I was just thinking at one of my early morning hours this might be a good idea…

Culinary educators – here are a couple of cute, fun looking recipes you might could try with students.

When you go to this website from Betty Crocker, you will have the opportunity to join their listserv for emails of coupons, free samples of products, and recipes.  I have enjoyed my information from them, and I don’t even cook well!  This first link from Betty Crocker explains how to make a Schnauzer Dog Cake.

For those who are beachy, they will enjoy these crabby cookies.  Even I can do this!!!

It is baseball season, and one of our state’s universities has made it to the CWS.  Those of you who are baseball fans may wish to make these baseball hat cookie cups to support them or your own school’s baseball team.  You can change the icing color to reflect school colors.

Health Science educators –

This is video from BIlly Nye on the heart and circulatory system.  It is 23+ minutes long!  Be aware.

Need a hands-on activity relating to blood and its components?  Try this.

Engineering educators –
This website provides information for building a helicopter from an egg carton.

Discover E is an engineering website with many activities and resources available for download.

Manufacturing educators –

Need to help explain why manufacturing is on the upswing in the US?   Here you go…

YouTube video for Speaking of the Future:  Advanced Manufacturing and discusses 3-D printing

Electronics and electrical educators –

This link provides information for “Draw Your Circuits and Simulate Them Online for Free Using EasyEDA”.

Understanding Watts, Voltage, and Amps video –

ANR educators –

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation has this website.  It is full of lesson plans, hands-on activities, and more.

This article shocked me.  I did not know that so many items can be gotten from a pig.  Bullets, bread and beer, tambourines and toothpaste…and the 180 other things you can do with a PIG was interesting.  The picture was amazing to a novice like me.  You might could use this as a recruiting item for your programs!

Ok.  I am stopping here.  There are many, many more ideas and things you can find on my Pinterest site. There are 169 boards with 16,000 pins on them.  Go browse.  I am sure there is a category that falls into what you teach.  If not, let me know.  I will gladly go and find information to put there!

Lastly, please remember to message the Help Desk if you have questions regarding online professional learning or Canvas issues.  The email address is  You may also call at 662-325-2510.

Have a great day!


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