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17 Apr

Good morning!

With a long weekend upon us, I hope everyone enjoys himself or herself and is able to get some rest or fun with family and friends.

Today’s email is just for fun since everyone is really busy with state testing. Hopefully, some of these websites will be enjoyable and useful.

For automotive instructors, look at the Automotive Service Technology websites. It has lessons plans on it. I see information that relates electrical systems, chassis systems, engine performance, and more.

Ag and Natural Resources people might like this video. It is on YouTube and demonstrates Deposition and Erosion. It is fast paced so should hold student attention. The “music” might get annoying after a moment though.

Do you have a few classroom needs and no money to obtain the resources for instruction? Well, check out this free webinar from Laura Candler discussing Donors It might be well worth your time and help you get those needed classroom resources!

Virtual field trip, Anyone? Check out this site. It is amazing the number of places you can go. Hospitality and Tourism educators, this might help you with some of your competencies!

EduClipper is a free app from iTunes. You can use it to create awesome content. You clip items and add as needed to instructional content.

Teacher Academy, Early Childhood, Polymer Science, and other programs might like this idea. Create a Quadrama for an end of unit activity. Students can reflect on the content and create a display to demonstrate what they learned.

Look at this fun YouTube video regarding Applied Tech Life by PHS Applied Technology Department on CTE. It is really “rocking” while displaying various CTE programs. Might be good for recruiting!

Today’s post will end with the following. It seems many of our students are really into posting Selfies. You might be into that as well. Look at this website to see if you or the student might wish to rethink those Selfies.

The next message will come in a couple of weeks. It will have needed information for ending the school year and your Canvas course. Please be on the lookout for those directions.

Have a great Easter weekend!




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