Summer Training Opportunities

02 Apr

Good morning!

I trust everyone is having a great spring.  If you are one of the schools out currently for break, I hope you are enjoying the time off and getting some needed rest.  Before we know it, May will be here; and school will be getting out again for summer.  The year has flown quickly by again.

Just a quick update for everyone – those who are needing to be COOL certified should be aware the name of the COOL course has changed.  The course is now divided based on your role in the school.  For instance, administrators who are to be COOL certified will take a COOL course that is strictly for administrators.  Counselors will take a COOL course that is designed for them.  Those who need IC3 certification for licensure and must be COOL certified will take the COOL course for Technology instructors.  Educators who do not fit in one of the three previous categories will take the COOL for Pathways course.

Please check out the RCU website for the upcoming training sessions.  All COOL courses for summer begin on June 2.  They are listed as 2 COOL 4 Administrators, 2 COOL 4 Counselors, 2 COOL 4 Technology, and 2 COOL 4 Pathways.  Oh, FCS instructors needing their course for licensing will take take LMS 4 FCS.

All of the methods courses for summer are posted on the RCU Professional Learning page as well.  Please register soon for the appropriate session that you need for licensing.  Many of these will fill quickly.

MS ACTE will be July 28 and 29 in Jackson.  You should register to attend.  The cost is $75 and will earn you 1.4 CEUs.

Finally, we have two new professional learning sessions created.  They are Using Google Drive in Online Learning and Creating a Social Media Network.  Both of these courses are listed on the RCU website and will be helpful to you with your work in Canvas.  Craig has worked hard to make these informative and helpful for you with your Canvas course.

Here is the link for all of the above mentioned sessions.

Next, you need to be aware that very soon we will be sending information for ending your course for the school year in Canvas.  You will be advised on how to Export your course and download your gradebook.  Completing these two processes are important.  So please be on the lookout for this information.

Now for a few “fun” sites –

Three Smart Board Tricks for Making Self-Checking Problems –

30 Websites to Teach You About Technology Integration –

Those in Ag might find this video helpful documenting erosion –

I trust this information is helpful.  Be on the lookout for more very soon.


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