Interesting Technology Ideas and a Canvas Tip!

27 Feb

Good morning!

As promised last week, I am sending some FYI and fun information. I trust a few of these links will be of use to you.

Ag and Natural Resources – look at this link. It is from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It is coloring book, I know. However, it provides some really great information regarding salmon and steelhead fish. You can download the pdf and save it for reuse in the event the site comes down later.

FCS – look at these couple of sites. They have information regarding shelf life for food and home canning step by step. The link for the canning allows for download to a Kindle or something. At the moment, it is free. This can change though quickly. Be prepared.

Mardi Gras is around the corner. Some of you participate, get out of school for it, and have a need for a few of these ideas. Look at the following for making a King Cake and Edible Beads.

Now, this is a site I have not had a chance to explore thoroughly. Take heed please. However, it really looked interesting. It using augmented reality with Aurasma. There is a how-to guide and video on this site.

Automotive – look at these. Let me know if they are of help. If so, I will keep looking for more info for you. These videos relate info for tire safety and changing oil.

Look at these last few links regarding technology. The first is projecting drawings and things from your iPad to a computer. Do you use Prezi? The second link contains keyboard shortcuts for Prezi. The last link is another one I have not investigated as thoroughly as I would like. However, it looks interesting as well. It is an interactive student bio cube. Lots of great helps and such here!

Before I close, I would like to share a last bit of information. Craig and I have had several ask about creating test banks in Canvas using old tests that were imported from Blackboard or you simply did not know how to do a test bank prior to creating a quiz. Here are steps for moving questions from a quiz in Canvas into a new test bank.

1. Click the Quizzes button in your course.
2. On the right hand side of the Quizzes window, click Manage Question Banks.
3. Click the Add Question Bank button on the right hand side of the window.
4. Give the new question bank a name.
5. Click the Quizzes button on the left side of your course.
6. On the right hand side of the Quizzes window, click Manage Question Banks.
7. Scroll down the list of quizzes and click the quiz named Unfiled Questions.
8. Scroll through the questions and click the move/copy question to another bank option in the lower right corner of each question.
In the pop up window, click the radio button beside the question bank you wish to move a copy of the question. I would leave the check in the box for Keep a copy in this question bank as well.
9. Click the Move/Copy Questions button.
10. Repeat these steps as needed until you have all of the questions moved that you wish to move.
7. Pick up from #6 and click Move Multiple Questions button on the right hand side of the window.
8. Click the square box for each question to MOVE (not copy).
9. Click the radio button to select the question bank to move the questions.
10. Click the Move Questions button.

After completing these steps, you can then go to the question bank and set your questions, groups, and more.

If you are not comfortable or familiar with Question Banks, check out these links from Canvas.

Whew! This is a lot of information for everyone. I hope you enjoy looking at some of it.

Please remember to send any requests for help with Canvas to our Help Desk at or call 662-325-2510.

Have a great day!


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