Thursday. January 30, 2014

30 Jan

Good afternoon,

I trust everyone is staying warm and made it safely through the rough weather this week. Several of you called or emailed to say how you were enjoying your sudden time off and playing in the snow. We did not have any of that pretty stuff here. The little we had would have taken all of the cars in the parking lot and then some to have enough to make a decent batch of snow cream. 🙂

This message is being sent to announce two new courses that we are offering this semester for CEU and SEMI credit. They are strictly online. One course is Creating a Social Media Network, and the other course is Using Google Drive in Online Learning. The first course begins February 24, and the second one begins March 3. Both of these will be helpful to educators when it comes to using Canvas. Check out the course information at our RCU Professional Learning web page.

In earlier messages, I mentioned that I save a lot of great information on Pinterest. Now, you men may not be into Pinterest. That is fine. I will still send individual links that may be applicable as usual. However, anyone who does use Pinterest may wish to follow me. My name is Michelle Taylor or RCUOnlinePD. There are 116 boards with 12,600+ pins on all kinds of topics. My newest boards are for welding and for carpentry.

Now let me tell you – I don’t know anything about welding or carpentry except that welders use this torch thing of fire to meld metals together and that carpenters build things. However, I have spent quite awhile searching for information for these two groups (I felt like I had forgotten them with info lately) so that I can send some resources that may be of help. Please check some of the links I have found below to see if they may benefit your students with instruction.

Welders –
Adjusting Mig Welder Roller Tension video

How to Forge Weld Tutorial video (15 minutes long)

A History of Welding

Weld Types

Carpentry –
Indispensable List of Carpentry Terms

How Do You Install Lap Siding

How to Use a Power Miter Saw

Carpentry Tools

Welders and Carpentry instructors, please let me know if these are helpful to you. If so, I will keep searching for information to send to your groups.

Now, let’s look at some general information that I have come across…

Decoding Dress Codes 101 (this is for everyone!)

Virtual Field Trips

50 Educational PodCasts

Please remember to funnel all Canvas help requests through the Help Desk. The Help Desk email is You can also call 662-325-2510.

Have a great evening!


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