Monday, January 6, 2014

06 Jan

Good afternoon! I trust you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. If your break was like mine, the time simply flew! I scratched my head all weekend wondering how it could have come and gone so fast. Thankfully, we ended the year with both Mississippi Bowl teams winning their football games for our state and making the SEC look even better than ever. Yay!

This message is simply FYI because of several emails, phone messages, and/or Canvas Inbox messages sent to me and the Help Desk the last few days.

1. Remember to send all enrollment requests to With the new semester, several instructors need students enrolled in classes. Do not send these requests to me or any individual here at the RCU. Send them to the Help Desk at

2. All requests for Canvas support should be sent to the Help Desk as well. If you are having some difficulty, please email You will receive faster service using this email address. Issues are being documented for reporting purposes. Be aware that the system is working fine.

3. If you need CEU credit, please check the RCU Professional Learning website at A calendar of upcoming courses is posted. Be advised that ALL COOL Essentials courses are filled for the semester. The next COOL certification courses will be this summer. The Canvas in the Classroom course is soley for ICT I, ICT II, STEM, and Technology Foundations educators.

4. It was brought to my attention that in my December message that I failed to let you know my name to follow on Pinterest. If you wish to follow my Pinterest boards, my name is RCU Online PD. There are more than 100 boards with 12,000+ pins that can be used in classrooms on many topics.

5. Many teachers’ classes ended with the Christmas break. With this ending in courses (or student transfers to another school), you will need to conclude student enrollment. Here are the steps.
Click the People tab.
Click on the student to be concluded.
Conclude the student from the course. The grades will remain intact.

6. If you are completing the spreadsheet for adding students to your Canvas course, be sure to put one of these three options in the Term_indicator column: All Year, Semester 1, or Semester 2. Do NOT put anything else in that column please.

7. Lastly, if you do not know your school, district, or course codes, you can check the following website for this information. If you have trouble finding the information still, please ask your principal or superintendent’s office for it.

Have a great evening and start to the new semester. Stay warm!


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