December 10, 2013

10 Dec

Good morning!

Can you believe the semester is nearly over?  Wow!  Finals are upon us, kids are giddy, and we educators are dreaming of a little rest and relaxation as well as warmth.

Cover of "Christmas Around the World"

Cover of Christmas Around the World

Today’s message has several great tips and features that I have come across in the last couple of weeks.  In fact one article provided by National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards that I intend to share involves Pinterest.  It seems that I have become “hooked” on it thanks to my boss.  (I now have 99 boards with over 11,000 pins that can be educational and fun!  Many are great for culinary teachers, and I DON’T cook!) However, the article indicates this tool is great for educators.

Teachers Take Interest in Pinterest

Need to learn how to use Pinterest and pin things???

Do you have a need to help students with some disabilities?  Check out this site.  It involves 19 Free Text to Speech Tools for Educators.  Take your pick and start playing to see which would be helpful to you.  I see this as possibly a great way to prepare notes for students.

Now for our teachers who are thinking a little outside of the box and are creative, you might enjoy this one.

Create a Text Message Exchange between Fictional Characters

Teachers who have iPads in the classroom might like this idea.  Kleinspiration will allow you to turn iPads into Clickers.  Check it out.

Now, Craig here at the RCU is going to appreciate my relating this one to everyone.  He has been stressing the importance of all of us backing up our information and using the cloud tools more.  If you are not familiar with this type of thing, check out this link.  He can definitely provide more info if you need it.

With Christmas upon us, I had to share a few Christmas items.

Christmas around the World

The History of Christmas at the White House

“Christmas Coal” for the Kids (Yes, I know that I am bad to do this one.)

Closing business items –

If you need professional learning hours for licensure, check out our website of upcoming professional learning courses.  New ones are being added regularly.

Lynn asked me to remind everyone of the following.

Please include again that all requests for Canvas technical assistance and additions should be sent to

Thank you!


Marilyn believed that many would enjoy this free webinar from Simple K12.  It is Mobile Apps for Creating Special Holiday Gifts.  In 30 minutes you will learn about 40 fun and free apps for creating holiday gifts.

Be reminded that the RCU will be closing for the holidays next week on Friday, December 20.  We will return to work on Friday, January 3.  Any requests for help should be to us by next Thursday.  Otherwise, it will be the New Year before a response can or will be sent.

Don’t forget to follow Craig on his Twitter account.  Between his Tweets and the MDE Canvas Support blog, you can generally find out anything that you need to know regarding Canvas.


Last year, I shared this link.  Many really liked it and commented on it.  I thought a re-post was appropriate.

For those who may have trouble reading this message, you can see it online at my blog.  Here is the link.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the RCU!  We wish all of you a safe and joyous season with family and friends.  Make lots of wonderful memories.  We hope to see you out Bowling with us (or tailgating) in the New Year at one of the bowl games.


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