October 31 – Only Treats Today!

31 Oct
English: Great white shark in captivity in the...

English: Great white shark in captivity in the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning and Happy Halloween!

I am only sending treats today.  I came across a couple of great items that I wish to share.  Honestly, I am more into Thanksgiving than Halloween.  I do hope you have a great day though without too much mischief from the students.

One of the first items I would like to share corresponds to a topic we discussed in one of our online professional development courses here at the RCU.  It deals with humor in the classroom.  Check out this link.

If you have been wondering about the state of education and our state’s future teachers, I hope you find this article encouraging.  It was sent to me by the people from National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards.

All of us are working hard with students regarding plagiarism.  Here is a link that includes a video discussing plagiarism and digital citizenship.

A last reading item includes information for engaging students in the instructional process.  Check out these tips by Larry Ferlazzo.  This is a brief excerpt he posted from his new book.

Now, if you are looking for some technology alternatives for book reports, check this out this link.

If you teach a course that concerns the human body, here are a couple of great links that I came across you might find useful.  The first link is an app for the human body.  The second one is demonstrating the tendons and such in the hand.  Be sure to hit the TRANSLATE link the first time you go to it!!!  This site is in French.

Don’t have the money to carry students on the Yellow Birds for a real field trip.  Try a couple of these virtual field trips.  The first link is for volcanoes.  The second one is for Monterrey Bay Aquarium. For those interested in sports, you might like the last pictorial field trip of how to make baseball gloves.

With it being Halloween, I am going to share a couple of links for it.  The first is 5 Science Experiments for Halloween.

This next link, well, I can’t imagine how these are made.  However, they are interesting!

Halloween – 10 activities for the computer room, connected classroom, and classroom blog is an interesting find.  You click the ten links to go to various websites.  Take it for what it is worth.

This message is being sent to all teachers in PACE sites or who have enrolled in an online course this fall with the RCU.  If you are NOT in a PACE site currently and would like to continue receiving these once or twice a month messages, you need to send me a message stating what you teach so we can get you in the best site for your curriculum.  Before anyone asks to be removed from the messages, well, that will happen only if you are removed from Canvas.

Before I end the message today, I wish to remind everyone, or make known for the first time, of a couple of important Canvas items.

If you have Canvas help questions and are not in an online course with questions to ask of your instructor about the class, please send all HELP requests to  We have a system in place to assist with tracking issues.  The Help Desk personnel will respond quickly.

Watch our MDE Canvas Support blog.  Craig is putting LOTS of great info and resources regarding Canvas on this blog.  He has worked hard to make sure that you have the most current information available on how to use Canvas and even provides you with several tips and “tricks” for ease of use.  Be sure to follow the blog!

Be sure to bookmark the Canvas Help Guides.  The guides are easy to use and give picture and written instructions on how to do things in Canvas.

I hope you have a great day!







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