October 3, 2013

03 Oct
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English: logo of quizlet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good afternoon,

I am sure many of you believed I had fallen off the face of the earth OR that I did not wish to communicate anymore with you. Well, let me assure that this was definitely not the case. As you are well aware, it has just been phenomenally busy around here with the implementation of Canvas and getting our core courses up and running. With that said, I hope you understand and will be happy to receive messages again from me in Canvas once or twice a month like I did with our previous learning management system with ideas and information for using in your classrooms.

Earlier this week I received information about MECA 2014. There is a mini-grant that is available for $1000. Check out the MECA (Mississippi Educational Computing Association) information.

Take a moment to look at the information at this link. It concerns flipping your classroom. Free tools are mentioned that will assist you with creating videos and such that can be implemented in Canvas. In fact, several are already incorporated in the Public Collections area of Canvas now.

For those looking at M-STAR and the need for incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy and higher levels of thinking, you might wish to look at the information at this link. Here is an app and with a brief explanation.

Speaking of M-STAR, I trust that ALL of you are considering and using Canvas to assist you with instruction. In fact you could use Canvas as a TOOL to aid you with meeting technology considerations and the diverse needs of your students. If you need a a link with some great resources and ideas for how to use and/or do things in Canvas, check out our public course at You will find a wealth of information there when you click the Table of Contents link.

Also, check out out the blog for MDE Canvas Support. Many times a week (sometimes a day) a wealth of useful information is provided to assist you with better utilizing Canvas. Yesterday, Craig posted about an issue with Quizlet and secure sites. Check it out.

Let me mention that we have implemented a new HELP system at the RCU. All information funnels through the Help Desk. If you call or email, the information is processed through our Help system. This is to assist you with getting the right person who can get you the right information. If you need voice help, please call as usual 662-325-2510. If you would like to email, please email

If you are interested in our M-STAR or other courses, you can click this link. It will take you to the professional learning page with a calendar of upcoming courses. Information regarding registration is also provided.

Please let us know if we can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have with Canvas, M-STAR, MPES, and more. As you know, we wear many hats here at the RCU. Have a great evening!


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