Monday’s Musings – May 13, 2013

13 May
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Good afternoon!

I wish to follow up with information regarding our transition from Blackboard to Canvas.

On May 3 you were informed of the transition from Blackboard to Canvas this summer. At that time you were advised to export your courses and course content. You were asked to download your gradebooks. Detailed instructions were provided for completing these tasks. If you have NOT done these downloads and exports, please do so before you leave school for the summer. Save the information on your computers AND on jump drives or other external devices.

This email suggests the next three steps for you to complete in preparing for your move to Canvas.

  • Create a free Course Sites account. This is a free Blackboard course that you can use to “house” your course and its information for later reference.
  • Create a free Canvas sandbox account. You can use this course to practice setting up your new course and become familiar with using Canvas. It is NOT the site that you will ultimately use with us. You will be able to transfer the information later.
  • Preview some instructional material that has been created to assist you with learning to use Canvas.

Course Sites –

You will create and set up your own free account. If you set up a free account as we suggest, you will find this site works just like your current Blackboard course with us does. There are a few differences in “look” though. Keep up with your login and passwords. We will not have access to any of this information.

Canvas Instructure

Create a free Canvas sandbox course. You can learn how to work and teach in this free Canvas course. Again, it will not be the ultimate course you will have with us. There will be a few differences in “look” and functionality than what you will have beginning in July. We will not have access to any information at the free site. Therefore, you will need to store this information in a readily accessible place.

RCU Instructional Material – This site has information that you can access regarding exporting your course, migrating into Canvas, and more. This is a 40 minute YouTube video explaining some basics of Canvas. It will be very helpful to you for learning to use Canvas in the free site you can create and ultimately use with us in July.

More information will follow soon. However, this is just a little more information for you to study and use.

Please let me or Craig know if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

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