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13 Mar

Blackboard (Photo credit: Just_Tom)

Good afternoon!  I trust those of you having spring break this week are enjoying yourselves.  Those who are working, I hope you are having a great week of instruction. State tests are around the corner as we all know.

Speaking of state tests, here are a few items that might be of interest for everyone involved with or affected by state tests.  These might be great for sharing with students and parents.  We all want students to do well with testing.

This link is from Tennessee.  It is a pdf called “Test Time” Strategies for Students, Parents, and Teachers.  In these 7 pages, you will read about ways of preparing for tests and taking them along with tips for reducing anxiety.

The University of Minnesota at Duluth has this site.  Most of this is common sense.  However, it never hurts to remind all stakeholders gently of these items.

The Learning Strategies Database has a great deal of information.  Information regarding things to do before the test is given.  However, the part that is great about this site is the different types of tests and strategies for completing them.

Are you working with students who need to learn more about keyboarding?  Look at this site from EduTyping.  It has lessons, timed writings, and more!  There is a free 90-day trial.

For those who are not members of ASCD and receive Educational Leadership, here is an article that was published last October.  It is called “Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do.”  Great brain food and thought processing!,-Say,-and-Do.aspx

Edudemic has the following to say about “The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have.”  See what you think.

For those who need to brush up on their online facilitating skills or just to earn CEUs for licensure before June 30, Dr. Bowen is teaching a Blackboard Fundamentals class.  We extended the registration date through Wednesday, March 20.  The course will begin Monday, March 25, 2013.  It is 4 weeks long and is strictly online.  Upon completion you will earn 2 CEUs.

Craig, our Blackboard technical support guru, has returned from MECA and Creating Futures conferences.  His presentations are available now online.  For those wishing to check out his presentations, here is the link for you to follow.

Flo, our Blackboard enrollment lady, has asked me to remind everyone that enrollments should be sent to her in an Excel spreadsheet.  Her email for enrollments is If you need to see directions for the proper submission protocol for enrollments, look on the My Institution page of Blackboard when you have logged in Blackboard.  There is a pdf of directions available.

A couple of requests have come through again asking how to print a hard copy of a test in Blackboard.  This link was provided several weeks ago.  However, it appears several people may have missed it.  Here it is again.

Have a great evening!

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