Friday’s Findings – February 8, 2013

08 Feb
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All I can say is that it has been an extremely busy week or so at work.  I feel extremely behing with my writing.  In fact several have contacted me asking where the next set of “finds” are.

With all of the work that I am putting into our new teacher evaluation modules, I have come across some interesting readings.  When working with issues like classroom management to student assessment, my reading has become quite varied and off the technological bent for a bit.

Edutopia posted a great article on “What to Do When Students Lie.”  It concerns social and emotional learning.

“Using Alternative Narratives in the US History Survey” is another great find.  It does not tell you what or how to do something but gives food for thought.

Some of agricultural teachers and science teachers have been wanting some resource activities. Here are two great finds with easy to implement ideas.

Science Buddies

Erosion:  The Great Race

Math instructors might appreciate this link.  I am not a math teacher, but I have been integrating math skills for years in my career tech classes.  This would have been a great resource earlier in my career.

5 Good Mathematics Feeds for Teachers

Classroom instruction is changing.  Needs of our learners are not the same as in years past.  Technology provides an edge previously unavailable for instruction.  Let’s harness it!

15 Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers

6 Types of Blended Learning

50 Best Twitter Feeds To Follow Educational Gaming

An Introduction to Technology Integration

The use of Twitter in the classroom is growing.  More districts are finding it an acceptable resource and tool for application in learning.  Couple Twitter with the use of Cell.y, it is simply win-win.

If you have time and are interested, you are invited to check out a great Word Press blog at Craig’s Tech Blog.  Here is the link for the posting referencing Twitter.

I will be back next week.

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