Monday’s Musings – January 28, 2013

28 Jan
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Hello, Everyone,

Just quick updates regarding some professional learning sessions that we have coming soon, information regarding Blackboard, and sites that may be of interest to many of you.

Upcoming Professional Learning

This Wednesday, January 30 is the last day to register for the CPE Methods and CTE Counselor courses. These courses will not be offered again until the summer. If you need one of the courses for licensure, you need to get registered ASAP.

Several emails have been sent asking what these sessions were. The CPE Methods course is the Career Pathways Experience course that is required for any career tech instructor to teach the third year of a course. The CTE Counselor course is required for a counselor to work in a career tech counselor position. Both sessions are four weeks long and are completely online.

The next available session of COOL Essentials, the course required for certification to teach in many career tech areas, is February 25. This session is filling quickly and will leave only two possible sessions left for March. Register ASAP if you need to have your certification for re-hire.

Blackboard Information

Over the last few weeks, I have received several emails from teachers requesting help with passwords and enrolling students. Let me remind everyone that you have the ability to enroll students into your courses if they are already in the system. You can also reset their passwords to their MSIS numbers as well. Below are the steps for both of these procedures.

Enrolling Students

1. Go to your Control Panel.

2. Click Users and Groups.

3. Click Users.

4. Click the maroon Find Users to Enroll button.

5. Type the student’s MSIS number in the box beside Username.

6. Click Submit.

See All Students Enrolled in Your Course

1. Go to your Control Panel.

2. Click Users and Groups.

3. Click Users.

4. Leave the Search criteria at Username. Beside that box, click the down arrow and change Contains to Not blank.

5. Click Go.

All users in the course will show.

Reset Student Passwords

1. Go to your Control Panel.

2. Click Users and Groups.

3. Click Users.

4. At the end of the student’s Username, hover your mouse to see the drop down chevron (arrow).

5. Click the drop down chevron.

6. Click Change User’s Password.

7. Enter the student’s MSIS number at Password and for Verify Password.

8. Click Submit.

Craig has posted a video at the following link for how to print a hardcopy of your test in Blackboard. If you need to print a copy of your test, use this information please.

Suzanne has asked me to let everyone know that summer training information for ICT, STEM, and other courses will not be ready until the end of March. Please watch the RCU website starting the first of April for the upcoming training information at that time. Information will not be ready before then.

Because this email is getting so long, I am going to provide only a few websites that might be of interest to some. Hopefully, at least one of these will provide you with some “food for thought.” Here goes.


6 essential practices in using emerging technologies in the classroom in 2013

Using Your iPad as a Document Camera

A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age

Please remember to contact Craig if you have Blackboard technical support issues. His contact information is below. You might want to follow his blog as well for awesome information on various topics regarding Blackboard or technology.


RCU Blackboard Tech Support

Phone/SMS Text: 662-205-6323

Twitter: @RCUBBTech

Craig’s Tech Blog

If you have online professional learning questions, please contact me. You might wish to follow me on Twitter @RCUOnlinePD. My blog is

Craig and I Tweet and post to the blogs cool information several times a week.

Have a great afternoon!

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