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14 Jan
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Several times this past weekend, I checked email.  Each time there was an email from an instructor asking how to enroll a user into a Blackboard course.

Please use the information at the following link for enrolling students.


Currently, I am involved with a blended learning research project.  Many teachers do not consider the use of a learning management system (LMS) like Blackboard or Moodle as part of their instructional resources or tools.  By not incorporating a LMS, many teachers make instruction more difficult and less interesting to students and themselves.

Check out some of these mainstream sites that I found regarding blended learning.

Blended Learning – the Good, the Bad, and the Not-so-ugly

Strategies for Building Blended Learning

Teachers have such a plethora of tools available for enhancing instruction – not just inside the LMS either.  There are many Web 2.0 tools as well.  Look at some finds regarding Twitter and the use of comics and how to create them in the classroom.

Using Twitter Effectively – Who You Should Follow

5 Great Ways for Teachers to Collaborate on Twitter

Twitter reduces calculus jitters at Memphis Catholic High

Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation

Can you really use Twitter in your Classroom?

26 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom and 5 Free Tools for Creating Comics

As I read through many of these articles, I began to see how the Common Core standards could be met in classrooms by using these aweseome tools and resources.  We as teachers must get creative.  As we engage our students in the instructional process, the more likely the student is to learn and interact with the content.  Just a thought…

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