USDOE Fellows Program

10 Jan

Good morning!

The following information was provided and believed to be of value to many of our great teachers in Mississippi. Ms. Jean Massey and Mr. Mike Mulvihill at the Mississippi Department of Education office have great faith that many of our teachers would be interested and eligible for this Fellows program. Please give consideration to this wonderful opportunity.

USDOE releases application for 2013-14 Teacher Ambassadors. Applications for 2013-14 U.S. Department of Education Washington and Classroom Teaching Ambassador Fellows programs are now available and will close on January 29. Teacher Ambassador Fellows influence the federal agenda regarding teacher leadership and professional learning. Please encourage teacher leaders to consider applying. For more information go to:

One more item – if you happen to have classes that are no longer needed and should be deleted from the system, please email with the course ID and name of the courses to be removed. You will find this information on the Courses tab under the courses you are the instructor. Simply copy and paste the name into an email to send to Flo at the address.

Make sure that you have archived and/or exported the information needed for these courses before you make this request. Once the courses are removed, they cannot be retrieved.

Have a wonderful day!


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