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09 Jan
Fig 3 Common Core

Fig 3 Common Core (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning!

The new semester is off with a bang for everyone in the state. I trust you had a wonderful break and got some rest. As you read further down in this message, you will get a fair idea of what I did a couple of the days I was off work. I looked for great info for you to use! Trust me – this is not even a fraction of some of the things I located.

Before I get started sharing some resources, I want to remind everyone of our upcoming spring professional development. We have a half dozen classes beginning over the next few days. All of our professional development courses at this site are strictly online. Check out the link below for our course listing schedule.

I have had several phone calls the last few days regarding classes. Our next available session of COOL Essentials is January 28. The first two sessions are filled and cannot take any more participants. If you need COOL Essentials for certification, you should look at the January 28 sessions or later. Keep in mind that these sessions fill VERY quickly. All Essentials courses are ten weeks long and earn 6 CEUs.

Another set of questions were regarding the Blackboard Take It Up a Notch session. This course is for those wanting to learn more about Blackboard. It should NOT be taken until COOL Essentials is successfully completed. The material is more advanced. We discuss some of the following topics in this session: how to use the Content Collection, how to export and import courses, how to add alignments, how to create learning modules, and much more. You should understand how to use Blackboard before taking this course. This course is two-weeks long and earns 1 CEU.

If you are feeling weak with your Blackboard skills, you might consider taking Blackboard Fundamentals. This course starts at the very beginning with how to login to Blackboard, use discussion boards, create tests, grade work, make assignments, and more. This is a four week course that earns 2 CEUs.

Here is the latest in wonderful sites and info. I trust you will be able to use at least one of these resources. Please take time to investigate the information because there are many topics presented for all areas.

Let’s begin with Common Core. I know many do not even want to think about this topic, but we all need to have an understanding of what Common Core is and how to implement it in our classrooms. This first site has information like rubrics for Common Core implementation, technology guidelines, working with the disability student and Common Core, and more.

and another Common Core site!/2013/01/rubrics-for-common-core.html

This next site has information regarding 23 free tools for teaching from Microsoft. You can learn about Flashcards, a math worksheet generator, digital storytelling, accessibility guide, and more.

Now counselors – look at this site. It has tips for aiding students with funding options for college.

Would you like a “hook” to gain student interest? Check out this site for mobile phone use in class.

and another smart phone site

Need advice regarding tutoring tools?

Are you teaching students regarding the moon and tides? This site has the instructional notes, handouts, and more.

If you are a welding instructor, this site is for you. It has several pdf files for welding to use in the class.

Need to help some students with text to speech tools? There are three tools that are free to schools mentioned and briefly explained here.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter at RCUOnlinePD. I send several times a week usually info regarding Blackboard, classroom tools, and more.

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  1. Dr. Dea

    January 10, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. And, thank you for posting useful links to the work of others in pursuit of understanding and implementing the CCSS. The challenge seems enormous, but we working together, we can do it! Check out this blog post, Work Together or Fail Alone:


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