November 15, 2012

15 Nov
English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...

English: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good afternoon!

With the week winding down and the Thanksgiving holiday looming, I know that a few of you may be looking for some cool information to use with your students to keep the rafters on the classroom.  Ha!  Check out this website.  When you click on one of the turkeys – the icons on the website and not in your classrooms, you have the opportunity to learn about the first Thanksgiving, coloring sheets, trivia games, and more.  Really great site!


Is your school budget prohibiting you from taking your students on a field trip simply because the funds are not there?  Well, here are some great virtual field trips that you and your students can take.  This site offers ten great trips plus some videos too!

Is bullying becoming an issue at your school?  Look at what Pinterest has put together.  This page is full of anti-bullying resources.

One topic that is near to my heart regarding classroom instruction is gaming.  Here is site that mentions how several universities are using games in their classrooms.  When we make learning interesting, fun, and relevant, we are more likely to get students to engage in the learning process.

I mentioned at the end of October that I would try to start offering some ideas for tying Blackboard to the various career pathways.  Last time I utilized a portion of the welding curriculum.  This email will offer a couple of ideas for those teaching plumbing.  However, I feel confident a few other areas could use some of this information too.

Let’s look at this competency from Unit 2 of the plumbing curriculum

Competency 5: Explain lifting and the use of ladders and scaffolds.

Here is a PowerPoint that could be loaded to Blackboard (provided proper documentation is noted – always cite your sources).  It demonstrates the OSHA supported ladder safety information.  It is called Scaffold and Ladder Safety Training.  I found it at the following web address:…/scaffold-ladder.ppt

A video that could become a weblink in Blackboard regarding OSHA regulations on ladder safety could be embedded.  It mentions the math needed for the proper ladder placement – how many feet out horizontally for the number of feet up vertically.  Another great thing is that this video is not YouTube so that maybe more schools can access.  After the video plays, the site continues to other videos that are OSHA related.  Here is the link for the video I mention here though.

This video for ladder use is approximately 13 minutes long and can be found at the OSHA website.

Now, let’s look at this competency from Unit 5 of the plumbing curriculum

Competency 1: Identify different types of plastic pipes, PEX, and fittings.

Do you need some royalty free pictures for aiding students in recognizing types of pipe fittings and such?  Check out these sites.

The spring semester of courses is available for enrollment.  If you need CEU credit or certification, please visit the Professional Learning Center’s webpage of upcoming courses.

Please visit the following web address for some of our video How-To Guides.  This page has handouts and videos for how to have your students enrolled into your Blackboard courses.  Flo Henley at the RCU is in charge of student enrollments and will be glad to assist you as needed in this process.  With the new semester fast approaching, many of you will have new enrollment needs for courses.  Get a jump on the enrollment process by sending requests now if possible.   Instructions are available for course registration also.

Finally, I have had several requests for how to create a button in your Blackboard course.  Please follow these steps.

  1. Click the + sign at the top of your menu buttons on the left side of your course window.
  2. Choose the type of button that you need.  Most of the questions I have had recently are ones for a tool button.  Therefore, click the TOOL LINK choice.
  3. Give the button a name by typing the name in the Name box.  It has an asterisk beside it.
  4. Choose the Type of button that is needed by clicking the down arrow for type.  “Announcements” is the first choice.  All choices are alphabetically listed.  When you see the type of tool needed, click the choice.
  5. Click the square box beside Available to Users.  This will enable your students to see the button.
  6. Click Submit.  Your button will appear at the bottom of the menu buttons.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.  Likely, this will be the last email I send to everyone until closer to Christmas.  I will be out of town at the first of the month and not make that communication.

All of us at the RCU wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.  Be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends.  Times like these come and go quickly.  Enjoy them (and the food of course)!


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