September 18, 2012

18 Sep
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I am a little behind in sending my bi-monthly email to everyone.  Like you at your work, it is just extremely busy here at the RCU in the PLC department.  However, that is the best thing possible as we are all aware.  When you are busy, that should indicate that business and you are productive, time moves more quickly, and work is getting completed.  It is just a good feeling.

Since my last email at the end of August, I have run across these few items that might be of interest to you with your classroom and students.

  1. This article has ten tips for engaging learners.
  2. Check out this website from Microsoft.  It has information like step-by-step guides, free software, and free lesson plans
  3. For reviewing information or an introductory activity, check out this Classroom Jeopardy generator.

Last thing that I wish to share is this video on YouTube.  It is presents information for helping to protect kids while on the Internet.  Be prepared though.  It is approximately ten minutes long.  However, it does present good information that our students should know.  Often, they forgot these important tips.

Our spring schedule of professional learning courses will be published soon.  Keep an eye on the RCU website for the upcoming courses.  One new course called Blackboard Fundamentals will make its debut in the spring.  It will be a great way to brush up on your Blackboard skills if you have become rusty with using Blackboard or for academic teachers to take so they can have a Blackboard course to use with their students.

Have a great day!


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