June 14, 2012

14 Jun
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Many of you have contacted me over the last couple of weeks telling me news of your adventures (some misadventures as well).  It sounds as though summer break is off to a wonderful start.  To be honest, I am jealous of some of the trips – Alaskan cruises and tours inland, cruises in the Bahamas and Mexico, mountain climbing and horseback riding in the West, and more.  Fun, fun, fun!

Mark your calendars for June 30 – July 8.  That entire week should be cleared of any Blackboard activities.  No course work should be planned.  Our Blackboard system is being upgraded during that time.  We are not sure how long this process will take, but you should plan not to access or instruct from Blackboard.  Your help with this is appreciated.

I have come across some more awesome information that I wish to pass along.

  1. Check out this link.  All of us instructing in Blackboard (this is applicable to any work really) should read and consider this article.  We want to be efficient, but…
  2. Oh, man!  You will love this link if you are a science teacher.  It has amazing tutorials, games, videos, etc on it for the different areas in science. Shh!  Don’t tell on me, but I just watched a video about leopards for free.
  3. This link discusses how we should help our students with reading.  It discusses shallow and deep reading.  Check it out for consideration with helping your students learning material.
  4. If you are looking for some free educational games to use with your students to practice lower elementary (or remediation for upper grades too) skills, check out this site.  You will need to have a computer with Flash on it to use it though.
  5. Tech and Learning has provided an article with 15 sites for creating flashcards.

News alert!  Hot off the press!  I was just told that you could earn up to 1.8 CEUs by attending Mississippi ACTE next month.  Follow this link for latest news on this event.  We hope to see you there.

Keep me posted of any great sites that you may find or wonderful information.  I would love to share with our teachers.  We are an awesome support system for one another with making our students the best in the country and world.



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