May 1, 2012

01 May

Flashcards | [Day 31/365]

Flashcards | [Day 31/365] (Photo credit: rocknroll_guitar)

I am certain that everyone is now breathing easier and with great sighs of relief.  CTE state testing is over for the 2011-2012 school year.  Everyone should take a bow and get a “high-five” for their efforts.  It is my understanding that a record number of students were tested in April for the CPAS.  There were a total of 27,306 students who completed the CPAS.  Awesome!

The end of the school year is in sight for everyone.  Hang in there for just a little longer.  You will be able to take some much deserved time for rest and relaxation shortly.

In my Internet travels over the last few days, I came across a couple of websites that I believe might be of interest and help for many educators.  One site relates edit PDF forms.  The other site is for musical flash cards.

All of us seem to have PDF forms that we use and need to edit later for various reasons.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, editing becomes a real problem.  Check out the site below for some economical information for editing PDF forms without Acrobat.

The other website that was interesting was the online music theory flash cards.  Research has proven how music can help with math skills.  Students have to understand concepts with time, fractions, and such with music.  This seemed a fun way to incorporate new activities to reinforce skills.

We are working on new professional development that should be of interest to many educators – CTE and academic.  If you have specific needs or areas of interest, please let me know.  I will see if we can get this incorporated in the new sessions being developed.

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